Relationship Driven:  The principals at 2GR Equity have developed extensive relationships with developers, sponsors, lenders, brokers, attorneys and various other professionals within the real estate community. These relationships provide the foundation for the ideal 2GR Equity investments which are typically smaller, off-market transactions. We focus on these middle market transactions as competition among institutional equity providers for larger, more high-profile investment properties can ultimately drive down returns to investors. This strategy is designed to achieve attractive returns by minimizing competition with other capital sources.

Local Expertise: While the principals at 2GR Equity have the capability to and will in certain cases operate our own investment properties, in order to offer investors additional portfolio diversification, we recognize the value of partnering with expert operating partners. These professionals use their local knowledge and experience to efficiently monitor the day to day operations of the property.

Aligned Interests: The principals at 2GR Equity work diligently to align our investors’ interests with those of the operating partners we invest with. This alignment of interest is accomplished through the unique negotiation of each 2GR Equity venture. By negotiating with our sponsors to allow for certain mandatory partnership controls we are able to protect our investors’ interests.

Streamlined Processes: The 2GR Equity principals review hundreds of real estate investment opportunities every year and are able to quickly identify those which we believe have the most potential to provide the most attractive risk/return profiles. Our sophisticated underwriting and market research processes allow for us to gain considerable market knowledge in a reasonable timeframe.


Investment Criteria

Geographic Location – major and secondary Texas markets.  Will consider STNL build-to-suits outside Texas.

Asset Type – multifamily, industrial, office, retail, self-storage, senior living, student housing, medical office, hospitality, retail, and land.

Investment Vehicles – joint venture equity (no GP co-invest equity)

Equity Investment Size – $1 to $6 million.

Targeted Returns – average annual yield 8%+, IRR mid-teens to low twenties, multiple 1.5x+

Targeted Hold Period – 2 to 5 years.

Closing Timeframe – 30 to 45 days.